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We all own things, and certainly possessions by themselves can't
prevent us from finding lasting happiness and peace of mind. They
are, after all, just things - they cannot make us feel or do anything
we don't want to, and they cannot change us unless we ourselves
want to change.

Possessions for the most part can enrich our lives and help us
discover new dimensions of a particular experience. It's when we
believe that what we own determines who we are as human beings
that problems arise.

Possessing something empowers us; we often feel that owning a
certain item makes us more desirable, more respected, more
admired. Our self-worth thus becomes dependent on what we own.
This has two possible repercussions. First, we may be compelled
to make purchases we don't need or can't afford, leading to either
a clutter of things we don't use, or living on credit and loans we can
barely service. And second, when our possessions don't have the
desired effect on others, our emotional well-being is strained.

For example, a car provides us with a form of private transport that's
convenient and in most cases, time-saving. But for some of us, we
buy cars that we feel says something about us, whether it be a
devil-may-care attitude, suaveness, or ruggedness. When we're in
the car, it's almost an extension of ourselves. We expect this
attractive image to be plain to everyone, to get us more friends and
dates. But when this doesn't happen, we're disappointed. We may
think that the fact of ownership will make our life more fulfilling, but
it won't.

We all experience a degree of satisfaction from owning certain things.
But this kind of satisfaction should be internal, and not dependent on
what others think of you as a result of you owning that item. Our
possessions should not make us act in ways we wouldn't usually
behave. And certainly our possessions should not make us feel less
of a person if we don't have them or lose them. We are who we are,
not what we own.
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finally back tp LJ onli to noe so much have happened in here...
er...maybe a lot~ not much but then got lar~ hor?
oh~ well, mi have been buzy modding (modifying) pinky figures
lately. currently mi finished both male and female 'kknm tenjo'
and on comin' a 'chi' followed by the all so popular 'FMA - ed'
mi have been getting quite alot of ppl into this pinky stuff
and glad to say mi might be starting a pinky modding class soon.
its fun to play with this 'dolls',thou mi understand there would be
some ppl out there that think that its a waste of money, time, collect
dust, outgrow, silly and even stupid. well, let mi tell you anti-pinky
ppl out there, MI DUN CARE. if you think buying these pinkys are too
expensive for your tiny wallets, fine, juz dun buy. sheesh~*
mi is pretty sick and tired of hearing ppl saying stupid comments
like 'wah~so cute, but so expensive~' der~* the doll is like S$15.
some better ones would say 'wah~so cute, but so common' well, if
you think collecting this is common. try modding it. you'll puke
to death. and that mi friend is not common.
futhermore, collecting pinkys also improve your photo taking skills.
yup, you r like suppose to take your 'dolls' out for photoshoots. not
keep them in their blisterpack and leave them to collect dust. trust
mi, its harmless. if mi a guy can do it, wats the prob?
mi webby pinkinkiya

ok~ for pinky collectors
mi will be holding a 'lantern festival pinky outing' at the
singapore river/clarke quay/boat quay this sat,25th September
(4-9pm)all those interested pls drop mi a comment. if possible
dress your pinkys up with a own made lantern ornament
(it dun have to glow, but if it can~by all means) and of course
bring camera with suitable lenses if applicable. for those ppl
who reali dun noe how to make a lantern, mi will bring a few spare
so dun worry that you'll be left in the dark~nyan*

til' then pinkinkiya~ minna*
* * *
hihi minna sama,
mi finally back liao~sheesh* mi LAN point is finally up.
yatta~nyan* and yeah, mi can write in journal again~
unfortunately, it was a major downturn or setback to mi
pinkinkiya venture...the figures mi had been working on
had been destroyed due to mi 'subarashii' painting job.
yup, the whole structure 'melted' with the epoxy putty
and like totally deformed the figure...sux.
well, mi guess that reli put a standstill to mi venture
for the moment. prehaps mi should move back to do mi props.
anyways, the list is also growing. better start work after
payday. now mi is like wondering wat everybody would be
cosplaying at EOY? mi reli want to find a asuka to pair up
but everybody seems to be occupied liao~sigh* mi guess its
the single EVA02 then...til a miracle happens~*

hopes goes to gin chan~ give her the power to 'reject' guys!
hopes goes to miyuki~ give her the power to reject cheese fries~!
hopes goes to natsu for her studies
hopes goes to kil for his roboky costume
hopes goes to mi props list
hopes goes to tired sera (maybe she can be mi asuka???)
hopes goes to EOY.
* * *
eat this hoi hoi fans out there~!
mi got 'gothic lolita' costume already~!

follow mi mann~hahahaha~!
thanks for the encouragment for mi props kil'
actually mi haven't even started yet...sigh* but will
be willing to teach if you interested ya~
well, will be starting on the painting portion of mi
pinkys' starting with the 'kknm tenjo' one. hope
the paint will go on the figure nicely and not on everything
else.will also be going to clark quay today to get mi pinky
parts from a shop this evening thou~ yup the shop owner sells mi
parts! so rare mann. well, the same old crap is happening in
office 2day and have a stupid senseless presentation by another
company that we must all attend. this really cramp up mi
schedule mann~sux*
nonetheless, mi was quite happy having to finally get the gothic
lolita costume for the hoi hoi game mann~wat an achievement~!
hint~*:there is onli ONE round involving killing bugs for the
shop keeper...hint*
go get'em tiger~!

hopes goes to miyuki aka cheese fries gal
hopes goes to natsu
hopes goes to kil'
hopes goes to sera
hopes goes to prop list
hopes goes to pinkinkiya~
* * *
wah~! first thing mi saw when mi came into mi office
was a gigantic cockoroach on mi table. 'sheeking'
draws out mi nihon times newspaper and did mi 'hoi hoi
hisatsu blade wielding vaccuum hurricane silver wolf
crimson fox shin no hikari no ken~!' on the bug!
hah~! hit it alright, but it created this huge splatter
of mess made out bug guts and goo on mi table and mi have
to clean it up~sheesh*

after the ordeal, mi found out that mi missed the matsuri
festival celebration again~* last year say this year will
go then again never go~sigh* then also found out that 'that
cheese fries gal' fell sick, down with flu, and natsu has
brusies on the arm~sigh* what a morning~sheesh*

if you tot mi forget 'her' liao, you're wrong. juz wanna take
it that she's still there and mi will buy her someday...hmm
cannot wait sia~* well, mi atarashi no pinkys' are on the way.
oncoming are 'kknm tenjo' ans chi/freya pinkys' yeah yeah~
mi must say the skirt portion of the pinky is freakin' hard
to accomplish! the folds on them never seem to look right but
after several trial and errors mi finally made a nice one.
to think mi is trying to make a lolita dress~~~~difficult sia~*
the kknm tenjo hair also made mi blood boil, in the end the two
chunks of hair at the end of her braid looks like some brocolli
of some sort,sux. hope that it will look ok when painted~hopes*

hopes goes to miyuki (get well soon)
hopes goes to natsu (get well soon from brusies)
hopes goes to sera
hopes goes to kil
hopes goes to pinkinkiya~
hopes goes to prop list
* * *
* * *
had a dream of her again,
a doll mi fell for.
it was love at first sight,
but it was never meant to be...

found her in the volks website yesterday and mi was stunned,
this time not because of her charm but the fact that she
was a special customize model and held a price tag of 58600yen.
that is like almost S$860++. thou mi expected it, mi was still
kindoff shocked. sad to say, mi dun have such money to spare
and it'll probably take a year or so to be able to reach that
budget. not to mention that the price is onli for the doll
alone with no clothings~nyan* and even if mi did saved that
amount, she'll no longer be sitting in the window.

it juz faded, like a whisper in the wind. to think mi mood
would be affected as if mi lost someone. in this case, mi juz
think that mi is mad, to have loved a doll.
if onli there was fate, if onli there was...
ok, back to current situation, mi lan point is NOT working, or
rather CUT OFF by some unknown force (sounds like fatal frame II)
-need a camera obsura~! ah~hhhhhh, there goes mi internet surfing
days mann, dunno how...sux sia~nyan*
went kknm yesterday and saw a wynry screwdriver set, ah~hoshii na.
mi asked tenjo to reserve for mi then mi go fetch it on saturday.
worked on the pinky venture yesterday nite till ard' 12 midnight,
quite shack but worth it. if mi make enough custom pinkys' mi will
get a booth during EOY to display sia~^-^~
nonetheless, the EVA suit is still 2D~sigh*

hopes to kil get well soon
hopes to miyuki dun eat too much cheese fries (2000++cal)
hopes to natsu
hopes to sera
hopes to mi LAN points~~~~~
hopes to finding her...
hopes to pinkinkiya~
* * *
yup, mi found her finally...
and she is a doll~
can't stop thinking of her,
mi even dream of her...
mi think mi is sick, loving a doll.

mi wonder where to get her, afraid that she would be a self
customed one, and mi would not be able to find one with her
charm and looks. then again, mi would wonder how much would
mi put into her, knowing that such dolls aren't cheap.
really wish to have one sitting in mi room, after a tired
day of work mi juz have to look at her and all mi stress
feelings would dissapear. during weekends will bring her out
for photoshoot around singapore. she's like mi pinky collection,
except that she seemed more 'alive' and gives mi this sense of
gladness. mi dunno mann, mi think mi is sick thou~nyan*
first it was doll collecting(pinky), then came mi craze for
lolita doll fashion and now this...love at first sight.

mi have the whole collection of her images (230++ pics)
and have her on mi HP wallpaper and desktop wallpaper too.
talk about obsession~nyan* ahhhhhhh~going nuts mann~nyan*
anyway, mi found a ulala pinky figurine, kindoff nice and the
sculpter claims it to be a rough work~!

nan de yatsu~!

hopes to finding her~
hopes to prop list
hopes to pinkinkiya~
hopes to kil (sick go rest)
hopes to sera
hopes to miyu and natsu
* * *
er...work starts again today, and here is mi writing journal
again. nothin' fresh mi guess. boss on leave not around,
immediate senior on leave not around, supervisor go time
off not around...er.


WWII:web war II got more interesting with dark sailormoon in
the picture now. the simultanous addition of keokepa really
voiced the hearts of so many speechless cosplayers.
mi can't help but quote this holy verse (edited)
" don't bloody F**k care who and what have problems with whoever and whatever."
ah~a natural piece of art~nyan*

pinkinkiya:dun believe wat mi found on fellow pinky:st fans
webby mann~ 'precure' and 'racaseal' pinkys!!!

mi now really can't wait to finish mi modified pinkys' but then
again mi doubt mi can reach their standard sia~* sparkles***

mi got hooked to mi new PS2 games lately and its like go home
from work play game then make pinky then sleep every nite.
it's like mi juz found out that 'ichigeki sachuu! hoi hoi san'
has a hidden lolita dress...(must have~!!!) therefore, play..
play...play.... and then there is this ribbit king frolf game.
frog + golf = frolf. so cute and easy to play...addictive.
not forgetting 'demonbane' the game which you onli need ONE
button!!! yup, you're like playing an anime~ text,text,movie,
movie,text,text...press,press...('aru' the female lead is cute
thou~...hentai*) nonetheless, juz play.

mi think mi forgot about something thou...hmmm* PROPS~!!!

hopes goes to miyuki natsu in life
hopes goes to mi boring work life
hopes goes to pinkinkiya~
hopes goes to mi costume
hopes goes to mi prop list (growing)
hopes goes to sera, gambatte ne~
hopes goes to nakAde~ (sera is single* hint)
* * *
haha~it finally happened...
the chance came or rather someone did it...
yup the 'one' has come.
it's crap,crap and more crapping in the forums about the
public post in the MAGE magazine yesterday. whose fault?
SCC or MAGE? is wat the 'onli cosplay club in singapore'
claim true? or should the fans of MAGE doubt their editors?
is it pure misunderstanding or pure McStupidity?
for mi, nothing change anything about MAGE attitude about
cosplay. their neutral they did never say they were against
cosplay neither did they over publicize cosplay in their mags.
on the other hand, mi was never in favour of SCC way of doing
stuff or rather the way they approach things often cause lots
of unhappy faces. could there be really something SCC did to
so 'piss' MAGE so much they would waste a full page to blast
at them. SCC claims MAGE was invited to the event and MAGE
was not able to attend thus request SCC to help put up a event
review. things did not turn well and SCC was not able to meet
MAGE post up timing and *poof* it became COCO CRUNCH~!
it's really amazing how this kind of 'shit stirring' blog
could bring rare people together, like SDF-2 and the HOLY RAYWING
all made special appearances to make things 'all better' and
lets not forget the greatsuperduperalwayskannwack spiderkim
too. hope that he doesn't get himself into trouble this time.
soon enough, the WWII started between MAGE and SCC. who will
get their mouthfull and who will be left speechless? then,
the 'chance' was created, for the 'other' magazine who was not
doing so well to put its tiny head in MAGE's downturn. too
much of a coincidence? or is it? crap~crap*
takahan vs MAGE - gotta luv it~*
oh oh something better~
dark sailormoon and jiraya vs shushu and the gruesome trio~!

hopes goes to the forums (dun let it end~its too good)
hopes goes to MAGE (they should make a whole mag about the ordeal)
hopes goes to kil for his jap
hopes goes to pinkinkya~
hopes goes to EOY prop list
hopes goes to sera
hopes goes to miyuki and natsu
* * *
mi figure out that if mi post more pinky stuff on this journal, this
place will probably become a pinky:st webby~nyan*
made a second attempt on modelling mi pinky figures using rubber clay yesterday
night.the nice thing about this kind of clay is that it doesn't crack even
if you fold it after it cure(dry). strange material mi might say. but the problem would be that paint dun reli favours on it,yup dun stick after it cure.
so mi tried to mix paint into the liquid form of this rubber clay and mix
the clay to form its color so that dun need to paint after shaping and it
actually worked~ha! not as flexible as the pure cure but acceptable.
then, something must go wrong...the rubber clay doesn't reli like to stick
on the figurine thou, so mi guess mi have to use this 'rubber clay' stuff
somewhere elses and try epoxy putty this weekend. epoxy putty claims to stick to
almost any surface and can be sand buffed and painted, sounds good can't wait.

mi will also be starting on mi prop makin' for the EOY prop list starting with
gungrave OD cerberus left and right head guns. to think the list is quite long.
prop list:
-brandon's cerberus L/R head guns (gungrave OD)
-shiki's twin blades (samurai showdown)
-whip's lacer whip (KOF)
-kreust brandon's god cerburus shotgun (gungrave kreuz novel)
-thesis mermaid armour (saint saiya)
-robo ky's mask and gloves (GG Isuka)
-robo ky's electro saber (GG XXR)
nonetheless, some more have mi own EVA02 suit and weapon. (better start)

oh yar~as for miyuki, the rei and asuka is still available in stores
almost everywhere, mi not gng to buy for you. you can call 'HIM' to buy,haha.
anyways,it costs a bomb now 'HE' better start saving.
for natsu, there is currently NO biker pinky yet but there is a certain
combination where you can get something similiar thou~

wah~! this espd of the MAGE magazine roxx mann this time, the posting of a
full page blank ad saying that because of XXX they were banned n not able to
post a report on the event XXX. well,dun wanna spoil the fun, go buy and see
yourself~! dun miss the pumpkin's tutorial on makin' gun and the all so
cute kaika imgs popping on and off in the mag. have fun~nyan*

hopes goes to mi prop makin'
hopes goes to kil for jap
hopes goes to EOY event (heard the comm is smashing their brains)
hopes goes to luel
hopes goes to sera
hopes goes to nakAde
hopes goes to miyuki
hopes goes to natsu
hopes goes to MAGE magazine (war~!war~!)
* * *
* * *